The problem with 24/7 D/s

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Thinking and talking with someone I love and respect the other day about 24/7 D/s relationships. I know that its a goal for many people & that many manage to have that relationship but it is a difficult journey. D/s for most, I think, is play and part fantasy. Part of being the Twue Uber Dom is that you have no weakness whatsoever, your sub total respect and admiration for you. When you combine that with real life, that is nearly impossible to maintain. Real life has its problems, work, life, relationships. If you are poly your sub may be the one who is there for you when your heart is broken, he or she may help pick up the pieces. Seeing you vulnerable is not a bad thing, we are all human. Nor does seeing someone vulnerable diminish ones respect for your partner but, it does change how you see them. They are no longer that mystical all seeing, perfect Dom in your eyes. Fantasy is important within both D/s and a relationship. Sometimes the reality passes and the fantasy returns other times it does not.

Time for a little trip

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I come home, tired from a long day at work. I open the door expecting my little girl to jump into my arms but no. I hear the soft sounds of the tv and my girls soft snores. I walk to the bed and there she lays, in her soft black onesie, little fist by her head, hair tousled, asleep. I quietly take off my jacket and contemplate sweet or cruel. As often is the case a combination of the two appeals to me. A thought starts to grow, I know how she is and I decide today is the day I will act on this desire of hers. I grab my rope, wrap and the her damp panties laying at the foot of the bed. While she sleeps I quickly and tightly tie her legs, she remains asleep. I move up towards her head and I quickly wrap her head around her eyes in case she wakens, she does, groggy and grumpy questioning what is going on, I say nothing. I turn her over on her belly and bind her arms behind her tightly quickly stopping her ability to struggle. Rolling her onto her back again I open her mouth and push those damp panties into it before wrapping her face again, quickly only her nose and brief bit of pink cheeks can be seen. I examine my handiwork happily. I look and find her favorite blanket and roll her up like a corpse in a rug and toss her over my shoulder, I can hear subdued grunts and groans but I ignore them. I hum as I carry her over my shoulder out the front door and to the car. Tossing her on the back seat and then my bags over her so that she is invsible I get in and drive her a little ways away to a place I know, a somewhat seedy hot tub rental establishment that is blessed with a back door out of sight. After about 20 minutes of driving I get there and park, leaving her in the back I go in and rent a room for an hour. Returning to the car I pull her out and toss her back over my shoulder and take her into our room. I take her out of her blanket but leave her bound, gagged and blindfolded. This entire evening I have not uttered a word within her earshot, I am certain she knows its  me but she can not be 100% sure. I push her to the bed in the room, the perfect height for her to bend over it. I slice into her onesies at the crotch and feel her, she is sticky wet from her cunt down to her thighs. I chuckle, I knew it, she is such a dirty little slut, I tease her some more by  rubbing her, teasing her, I pull her hood gently back , rub and squeeze her clit. I hear her garbled moans, they make me smile and harden even more. I unzip the fly on my suit and tease her cunny with my cock, but its so wet, it  sucks me into her. I drive deeply inside her. I feel her juices increase and mesh into my pubes, I grab those firm hips of hers, digging my fingers deeply into her and I take her hard, piledriving. I can no longer hold back, I use my voice, letting her know its her Daddy who has kidnapped her and who is so happily using her. “You take your Daddy’s cock so well my sweet little slut” She moans louder hearing my voice and my compliment. I withdraw, pick her up and toss her down on the bed. Climbing on top I again drive into her, pushing her down, driving her into the flimsy mattress. It squeaks and rocks as I take her. The day’s passion and seed is bubbling up, my girl, my daughter is nearly irresistible to everyone who meets or sees her and I, her Daddy, am no exception, I fall prey to her charms and my stamina weakens with her. I know how difficult it is to resist, I can feel myself bubbling up. My hand goes to her head, the back of her head and into her hair, arching her neck and back, pulling her ear to my mouth I groan its time little girl, Daddy is going to breed you. I explode, the tip of my cock pressed against her cervix, my seed splashes deep within her, spurt after spurt until I am spent. I feel her tight cunt gripping me, keeping me hard and inside of her. Leaning on one arm I take off her blindfold and ungag her mouth. I see her smile in her eyes and her mouth, she whimpers “thank you Daddy, just what I needed from you today. Can we go home and take me again please? ;)”

Who am I to refuse my daughter?



Disclaimer: This is the first story I have written so bear with me.

Quantity or Quality……..

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It’s one of those questions that comes up quite often. How does one answer it though? I suppose like most things its a personal question that each person has to answer for themselves. For me, its a question that has had different answers at different times in my life.

When the question is posed to me in regards of toys, friends, or partners I have to answer today that I choose quality over quantity. You can have lots of toys and for me toys can mean anything from watches, custom knives, guns, or a single tail, but if you have lots of mediocre toys the odds are you wont have the toy that will do the job, the one that will satisfy you or the one that will last. As it pertains to friends, well “friend” is not a term I take lightly or toss around. A friend is someone I know, someone I can trust and rely upon, someone who will stop by the 24 hour safeway to pick up extra Hefty trash bags on his way over to help you chop up the dead girl in the tub and spread the parts over 4 states so you don’t get caught from a scene gone terribly wrong. I have friends like that, I have people in my life who I know I can count on no matter what. I also have buds, people to hang out with, those to have a few drinks with, those buds may in time hopefully turn into friends.

Partners… I have been on both sides of the fence of this during my life. There was a time when I had more than one partner, had many playdates. There are times now when I see a sexy woman and I think to myself how nice it would be to take her. After all, I am a male and even at 43 I have a overly active sex drive. That being said, these days I find that I crave and need quality more than anything else. I need that chemistry, that connection, that desire to see someone more than those evenings in between the sheets or her bent over the bed bound. Someone to have a conversation with, share me with, my carnal, pervy and emotional sides. Is how I am today how I will remain, only time will tell. Is how I am today mean that I shun those interactions that pop up where timing, mood and lust combine to make an incredible physical connection – no I doubt that is the case either.

Poly does not equal indiscriminate slut (slut in negative sense)

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It can be frustrating at times, irritating even to see and hear people equate the statement that one being poly is the same as oh you mean you are an indiscriminate fucker, you have more sexual partners than you can count and you must have several STI’s. Whereas I won’t speak for everyone and I am sure that there must be some who may fall under the above umbrella unfortunately, most Poly folks don’t. More importantly, at least to me and yes I am being self centered here and talking about me, it does not apply to me. If anything the contrary is true. I am picky, I am ultra selective.

I know that I really shouldn’t care what anyone else says or thinks about me and 99.95% of the time that is exactly the case. I dare say some have even labeled my haughty or egotistical due to my lack of concern over others opinions of me but this is a rare instance that I do care or perhaps it is just that I have heard the misinformed statements and biases just too damn much recently.

Poly – for me:

Poly for me is about love, it is about relationships. it is about how I want to live the rest of my life and who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Laying in my deathbed with a smile on my face from past experiences but a hollow soul is not something that appeals to me or something that I intend to happen to me. Part of poly yes allows me to explore play partners, allows me the sexual freedom to play with another but the physical pleasures are a small part of the larger picture of poly. Poly is not one long sexual buffet. Approaching a poly relationship in this manner, in my opinion, will lead to a very short relationship or a string of very short relationships. Do not get me wrong, I love sex but not sex, not anything comes before my partner.


Protected: Frustration

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Protected: Sniff, sniff do I have BO?

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Being a perfectionist isn’t always a positive thing

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I used to think being a perfectionist was a good thing, a worthy goal. Like most things, it all depends on how you approach it. Like many things for me, seems I could approach it better. Somehow, somewhere along the line my perspective got warped it seems & now I am trying to figure out how to how unwarp that perspective. It would appear that if I have 10 things going on in my life, 9 of them going perfectly and one going badly that I will focus on the one bad thing. I focus on it to the exclusion of all else, I focus and work on it until it is correct unfortunately I will neglect those other 9 perfect things in my life, I will neglect them right up to the point that they are all falling apart and failing & I find myself with 1 perfect thing and 9 failures on my hands.

I am not sure if this is some form of single-mindedness or if it is some manifestation of my negative / cynical outlook on life. I would say it demonstrates my inability to multi-task except that is not an issue for me, multi-tasking relationships though is a different matter, people have feelings and emotions unlike tasks, if you juggle your priorities with people they do notice and there are repercussions.

I think, for me at least, this is one of the biggest challenges of Polyamory. In theory, one has multiple relationships, one has different people that meet different needs, this is all well and good. However, I have an ego, I think, I want to be everything to my partners – yes I know double standard here, I want to be everything to two women & want them to get all of their needs met by me, something that is very possible if I was only partnered to one of them but having two means that I can not possibly meet all of their needs all of the time, I can not be in two places at once no matter how hard I try, the harder I try, the more I seem to damage both relationships. I need to deflate my own ego, except that I can’t be both of their worlds 24/7 when we are not living together & even then there is only one of me, there are limits to what I can do and provide. Limits, how can that be? I feel like I have so much to give, I want to provide everything for both, I do not want to see either ever wanting but I also want them to come to me for everything. I suppose along with the perfectionist desire I also have a desire or need to be needed. Someone pointed that out to me awhile back but I didn’t realize until just now how strong that need to be needed truly is.


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